Our Philosophy

Gina Barjeel is committed to an Ethical process with the garment manufacturing and sourcing.

Our bespoke pieces make us stock free that helps the environment.

Ethically made in Australia by multicultural Australian women to support our economy.

Our Team

Gina works with highly skilled and beautiful souls; the women comes from diverse backgrounds to bring you high-quality garments.

Our Creations Affair

Each Gina Barjeel collection takes you on a journey to discover a new culture. The 2021 Spring collection was inspired by the regal clothing of Chinese dynasties through the ages.

Gina Barjeel is a Sustainable Luxury fashion brand that is distinct and different, every collection will take you on a journey to discover a new culture.

Looking for something even more unique? Gina can personally designs garments tailored to your measurements, personality and desires! A bespoke garment will include an initial in-person consultation and measurement, a series of design sessions and a final in-person garment adjustment. From contact to your garment shipped to your door, this process generally takes eight weeks.

From meeting to creating, Gina will help you craft the design that you dream of. your first consultation is our complimentary gift to you.

About the Designer

Her passion and love for cultures and fashion drove her to start her luxury fashion brand.

Gina’s passion for fashion started at a young age, when she noticed she felt more alive amongst the vibrant fabrics in her aunt’s fashion workshop. She loves to travel and explore other cultures, and for each collection chooses a culture to feature.

Gina creates modern designs inspired by different cultures adding her signature touch of the Palestinian heritage embroidery.

Gina believes in empowering women from all backgrounds. She Initiated the Women’s Fashion Project to equip new migrant and refugee background women with sewing and fashion techniques.